Monday, June 4, 2007

Feijoada by Nando Cuca of

Brazilian Feijoada - video powered by Metacafe

Feijoada - Brazilian Black Beans stew

1 Kg of black beans

300g of salted pork ribs

300g of beef jerky (Brazilian 'Carne Seca')

200g of pork belly (or very fat bacon)

1 large onion

4 or 5 cloves or garlic

Feijoada is a typical Brazilian dish dating back to the time of slavery. A rich black beans stew with pork, dried beef (carne seca) and spicy Portuguese sausages. For a more 'historically acurate' description of how the dish came about, read (if you can read in Portuguese) Rodrigo Elias' 'Breve Historia da Feijoada'.

Feijoada is an ideal dish to prepare for big parties as all the ingredients are just mixed into a large pot. There's no way to go wrong - in fact the longer you boil it for the better it tastes!

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Nando Cuca said...

Thank you for adding this to your blog. I added your blog to our list of links. Great work. I'll come back frequently.